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Total Donation announced!

The total donation from Meet Me There Weekender 2019 to Dream Big Ghana NGO will be a massive 32,500 Ghana Cedis (roughly £5000)! Words really can’t describe how thankful we are to all those who attended the festival and made this possible. A great festival is always reliant on the people, so thank you for bringing the energy and making it such a special weekend.

The money raised will contribute to a range of Dream Big Ghana NGO programmes and projects, We will soon start to build a composting toilet block for a local school, providing privacy and dignity for children and teachers in the most ecologically sustainable way. Other projects include our sports development programme and supporting education and empowerment through the work of our community learning centre.

Most exciting of all, the Weekender spirit will live on as we begin the journey towards designing and constructing a music recording studio in our community. This has long been a dream of Dream Big Ghana NGO and MMT Weekender, and will help the many talented individuals in our region to reach their musical potential.

The 2019 festival has had a massive impact on our community, with the lead-up to the event and the weekend itself supporting not just Dream Big Ghana NGO, but local businesses too. In fact, we have calculated that around 60,000 Ghana Cedis (Roughly £9,000) has been pumped directly into our local economy through the festival. This has helped all sorts of business owners and entrepreneurs in the community, from carpenters and seamstresses to security guards, lifeguards, hotel owners, drivers and many more.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our huge gratitude to everyone who helped us to fundraise. Without them, the 2019 MMT Weekender could never have happened. In no particular order, we would like to thank the following sponsors and fundraisers. Soundwaves Art Foundation, Vegware, CLUB Beer (AB InBev), Party for the People, Banana Hill, Bell Tent UK, Dream Big Ghana Foundation.

Last but not least, we want to say a big, fat THANK YOU to the intrepid half marathon runners and all the generous private donors who have supported us along the way. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Meet Me There Weekender will return in 2020, although there may be a date change towards the end of the year (October/November). If you would like to get involved with the 2020 festival or help us to fundraise to make it possible again, please get in touch via


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